Six Sigma in Healthcare

Six Sigma in Healthcare Today and Tomorrow

The presentation explores the concepts of Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma for professionals in the Healthcare segment....

Healthcare and IT Implementations

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare and IT Implementations

The presentation explores implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a Hospital striving to excel in Patient care and reduce the wastage of efforts.


Despite Recession Healthcare industry continues to grow and create jobs

The article from Medical Group Management Association ( MGMA ) explores through interviews and research .


India’s New Bargain

Workforce Management reporter Jeremy Smerd recently traveled to India to report on the changing nature of workforce management issues in a nation that has become nearly synonymous with outsourcing.


CO CEO’s Two at the Top

In an arrangement that’s rarer than ever at public companies, Aon Consulting is headed by co-CEOs.

Healthcare in India

Challenges in Healthcare in India

India's healthcare system faces considerable challenges, including quality of care, rising costs, and insufficient access for many citizens, but has the opportunity to avoid many of the problems faced by other developing countries by transforming health care financing, quality and delivery.


"What RIGHT looks LIKE" in managing and implementing HealthCare IT Projects

Explore the best practices in implementing IT projects with Christina Care who has created the environment and process to get the greatest value for hospital’s IT related INVESTMENTS and to show "What RIGHT looks LIKE"

MACRO Healthcare

Best practices in MACRO Healthcare from U.S.

The article explores the best practices observed and captured from various different state of United States, and could be helpful for planners and Healthcare Managers , for India as a Healthcare Plan.

Healthcare India

Next IT DESTINATION – Healthcare India

Manu Sharma explores the enormous benefits of IT implementation in Healthcare , keeping India as a context and makes observations around the lack of adoption of the same in the vast Indian Healthcare scene.

Healthcare in Rural India

Technology and Healthcare in Rural India

Can technology be the route to bring affordable healthcare to millions of rural Indians? This question was explored during the session on healthcare at EmTech2009 in New Delhi.


Issues and Solutions for Today’s Emergency Departments

Carolyn Pexton explores issues of increase in trips to Emergency Departments, falling of number of Emergency Departments and Staff, and study from AHA which indicates that 62% of Hospitals feel that they are at over Operating Capacity.


Telemedicine – Perspective and Initiatives

Government servant Shri B.S. Bedi shares his experience and perspectives on Telemedicine and its limited implementation in Indian states.

Telemedicine in India

Guidelines and Standards for Practice of Telemedicine in India

Government report explores Recommended Guidelines and Standards for Practice of Telemedicine in India

E-Medicine in India

E-Medicine in India

Gunjan Saxena and J.P. Singh explore the Hurdles and Future prospects of E-Medicine in India.

micro finance solutions provided in Collaboration with Andruil Technologies

SAM – Simple Automation for Micro Banking
Micro - Banking Automation Software by Anduril Technologies

SAM reduces operation expense significantly and finds revenue internally.

  • Using SAM, condensed and meaningful information can be derived at the click of a button making management decisions faster and more informed.
  • Using SAM, any revenue leakage due to non tracking of repayments can be detected at EOD or sooner.
  • Using SAM, an LO can manage up to 400 micro – borrowers, compared to an average of 231 micro – borrowers in current systems. That’s approximately a 40% saving in operating expense.
  • Using SAM with terminals, an LO can directly enter data in to the main MIS, making the roles of a transactional data entry operator redundant.

SAM – Simple Automation for MFIs

SAM is an automation product built over Mifos for MFIs offering Loans and Savings Accounts. ATL has multiple offerings based on an MFI’s size and requirements and can support multiple MFIs on a single installation.

Key Features of SAM:
  • Saving and Loan Account Management under SHG, IB and Grameen model
  • Repayment Tracking
  • Collection Pre Scheduling
  • “Club” Management with Fee / Penalties
  • Client performance across multiple loans
  • In-built Loan Officer and Branch Office Performance Tracking
  • SAAS model
  • Mobile Phone Client
  • EFTPOS terminal clients for Loan Officers
  • Audit Reports on click of a button
  • Strong and Configurable Reporting Engine

SAM – Empower the Field Staff

  • SAM integrates seamlessly with hand held devices from Linkwell Technologies.
  • MFI Loan Officers print collection receipts in real-time and updates are immediately sent to the Head Office PoS terminals or mobile phones.
  • For regions with low or no network access, batch updates at EOD are also supported on PoS terminal clients, making an offline system viable.
  • The same client program is also available on mobile phone and can work on any java – enabled phone.

What the World Thinks ??

News and Events

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Quick facts Indian Economy Overview

  • India received a total of US$ 23.3 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) between April-December 2008, recording a growth of 45 per cent, said Union Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee while presenting the interim budget in the Lok Sabha on February 16, 2009
  • Despite the global meltdown that impacted most emerging market economies, Mukherjee said that India’s GDP growth of 7.1 per cent for the current year would make the country the second-fastest growing economy of the world.
  • India has the largest number of biomass gasifier systems in the world producing 656 mega watts (MW) of power.
  • India is the 3rd largest producer of solar photovoltaic cells in the world producing 2.12 MW of power.
  • India is the world's 4th largest wind power user.
  • India is the 9th largest solar thermal power generating country in terms of million units per sq. m.
  • India was the first country to be accorded the status of a Pioneer Investor in 1987 and was allocated an exclusive area in the central Indian Ocean by the UN for exploration and utilisation of resources.
  • India's fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry has seen the launch of 251 new products up to October CY07, against 191 in the same period last year. India has the world’s fourth largest automobile industry.
  • India happens to be the fourth largest export destination for Australia.
  • Export of cars grew 57 per cent in 2008-09 at 3.3 lakh units.
  • Two-wheeler exports crossed the million-mark on a growth of 22.5 per cent in 2008-09.