Six Sigma in Healthcare Today and Tomorrow

The presentation explores the concepts of Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma for professionals in the Healthcare segment....

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare and IT Implementations

The presentation explores implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a Hospital striving to excel in Patient care and reduce the wastage of efforts.

Despite Recession Healthcare industry continues to grow and create jobs

The article from Medical Group Management Association ( MGMA ) explores through interviews and research .

India’s New Bargain

Workforce Management reporter Jeremy Smerd recently traveled to India to report on the changing nature of workforce management issues in a nation that has become nearly synonymous with outsourcing.

CO CEO’s Two at the Top

In an arrangement that’s rarer than ever at public companies, Aon Consulting is headed by co-CEOs.

Challenges in Healthcare in India

India's healthcare system faces considerable challenges, including quality of care, rising costs, and insufficient access for many citizens, but has the opportunity to avoid many of the problems faced by other developing countries by transforming health care financing, quality and delivery.

"What RIGHT looks LIKE" in managing and implementing HealthCare IT Projects

Explore the best practices in implementing IT projects with Christina Care who has created the environment and process to get the greatest value for hospital’s IT related INVESTMENTS and to show "What RIGHT looks LIKE"

Best practices in MACRO Healthcare from U.S.

The article explores the best practices observed and captured from various different state of United States, and could be helpful for planners and Healthcare Managers , for India as a Healthcare Plan.

Next IT DESTINATION – Healthcare India

Manu Sharma explores the enormous benefits of IT implementation in Healthcare , keeping India as a context and makes observations around the lack of adoption of the same in the vast Indian Healthcare scene.

Technology and Healthcare in Rural India

Can technology be the route to bring affordable healthcare to millions of rural Indians? This question was explored during the session on healthcare at EmTech2009 in New Delhi.

Issues and Solutions for Today’s Emergency Departments

Carolyn Pexton explores issues of increase in trips to Emergency Departments, falling of number of Emergency Departments and Sta